Cobaki Broadwater Village
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q. What restrictions are there about having someone else living there or having visitors?
  • A. Visitors and friends can stay on premises for up to 12 weeks with owners consent. There are no extra charges for visitors.
  • Q. Are pets allowed?
  • A. There are no pets allowed.
  • Q. What security do I have?
  • A. The Department of Fair Trading administers the laws which set out the rights and responsibilities of residents and residential park owners. Further details and a booklet explaining the laws is available from our office or the Department of Fair Trading.
  • Q. Is the village currently authorised under the Local Government Act?
  • A. Yes
  • Q. What facilities are available for the delivery of my mail?
  • A. Each resident has a private mail box with its own individual key.
  • Q. What is the size of the residential sites?
  • A. Approximately 13m x 18m
  • Q. What is the current site rental?
  • A. $142.00 to $152.00 per week with yearly CPI increases 
  • Q. What are the ongoing costs?
  • A. There are no Body Corporate fees or Deferred Payment fees. Pension recipients may be eligible for rental assistance and electricity rebates. There are no legal fees or stamp duty on purchase of your home also no deferred management fees or fixed price buyback schemes.
  • Q. Am I eligible for Rent Assistance?
  • A. As your site fee is classed as “rent” government assistance is available to qualified residents.
  • Q. Who owns the homes at Cobaki Broadwater Village?
  • A. You purchase your own home which is sited on land rented from Cobaki Broadwater Village. You own all improvements associated with home except for mains, sewer, power and water.


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